For the majorities of our customers we provide a fixed/flat rate price. This means that you pay that one price and that is it. The price is based on an accurate inventory and various other details of the move. Other details include the distance between locations, assembly and disassembly, packing, the condition at both locations, the number of stairs etc.

If there are any additions or subtractions from the original inventory the price is subject to change.

This is a very common occurrence during your move. You can add or subtract items from your inventory and we will work with you on it.

All that we ask that if you need to make any changes to the inventory, or that the situation at your pick up and drop off locations has changed (out of service elevator for example) we need to know at least 1 day in advance so we can plan accordingly.

If we arrive at your location, and there are inconsistencies in the inventory or the situation at the location has changed and we were not made aware of this beforehand we reserve the right to make an adjustment to the price on site.

Obviously, there are some situations that cannot be foreseen, don’t worry these things happen. We will work with you to figure out the best option for all parties involved. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority and we will be fair in assessing any issues that arise, but it is best to let us know beforehand.

Occasionally we run into cases where there is an extreme change to the inventory or situation. These cases are rare, but they do happen.

If we arrive at the designated location and there is a drastic change to the inventory or an extremely different situation at either location, we reserve the right to ONLY move the items that are on the inventory list. The reason for this being is that we have other jobs scheduled during the day and we cannot run into scheduling issues with other clients.

If you do have an extreme change in your plans we need to know at least 1 day in advance to plan our day correctly. So, give us a call and we will work out the best possible solution.

To get a discount on your move if items are subtracted, we need to know 1 day in advance. We cannot reduce the price if this happens on the day of the move.

As an alternative to the Flat/Fixed Rate move we also offer an Hourly Rated Move. This type of move is as straightforward as possible. We charge you per hour for our services. However long the job takes is what we tally up in the end. This is an option for those who would like to keep their move flexible. Don’t want to take that couch, don’t have to pay for it. Want to add some things to the inventory go ahead. Everything is under your control. All you have to pay for is the time that it takes to complete the job.

If you agree to the (Flat/Fixed Rate price) you must be fully packed and ready to go before we arrive. We do offer packing and unpacking services, but we need to know this during the initial pricing stage.

If you are not fully packed before we arrive at your location, it slows down the process of the move drastically. We reserve the right to adjust the price on site and in extreme cases to reschedule your move for another day. Most of the time we have other appointments to keep during the day and we cannot arrive late to our other appointments because you are not ready.

Boxes must be taped and marked. Especially make sure to mark boxes with fragile content.

  • The contents of all the furniture have to be emptied and packed up. Furniture has to be tilted and maneuvered and the items inside can jeopardize the integrity of the furniture. The items inside can also break.
  • All glassware has to be safely packed away into boxes. We will do our best to take care of your items but if we did not pack the boxes ourselves we cannot take responsibility for them. Also you should let the movers know that the items inside are fragile.
  • All clothes have to be in bags or wardrobe boxes. If you do not have access to wardrobe boxes we will be able to sell them to you on the spot, along with other moving materials if needed.
  • We do not take items of extreme value (money, coins, heirlooms, financial papers, precious metals etc.) If you pack these items away without our knowledge, we cannot be held accountable for them.
  • We do not take items of hazardous or biological nature. These include (household chemicals, alcohol, combustible liquids, food)
  • Garbage, clutter and other miscellaneous objects cannot be impeding the work of the movers. It can cause liability issues as someone can trip and fall or drop a heavy object. It also takes time to side step items that are not part of the move.
  • If you have pets, we ask that they be moved beforehand as to not get in the way of the movers. We love pets, but they can create for a dangerous situation during the move.
  • If you have objects that are mounted to the walls or windows (Television sets, A/C, shelving units) that do not require anything besides some simple hand tools to take down we will gladly help you take them down. In all other cases these objects have to be taken down in advance.
  • Wait time: If we arrive at your location on time and for any reason cannot begin the move in a timely fashion we reserve the right to charge extra for our time. The rate is $100 per hour for waiting.
  • Pests: If we arrive at your location and find rodents, insects or any kind of pests in the items that we are moving we reserve the right not to complete the move.
  • Disposing of items: We only dispose of items as far as the curb in front of your building. Make prior arrangements with your building management. For all other disposal needs you will have to decide with a junk removal specialist.

Assembled press wood furniture is not meant to be moved assembled. These items have very fragile parts and are not meant to be turned and maneuvered. They break very easily.

We move these pieces only with your express permission and a signed waiver releasing the company of any responsibility for damage in transit.

We also do not disassemble these pieces for the same reason that we do not move them. The pieces are only made to be assembled once and are easily broken. If you want us to move these furniture pieces you have to take them apart before the move.

Our company is dedicated to the success and ease of your move. We have professional staff that do their utmost best to protect your belongings. It is rare but sometimes accidents do occur, and things get damaged.

In this case it is very important for you to understand your insurance options.

  • Under the standard insurance policy covered by our company we provide for .30 cents per pound/per article for Hourly Rated moves and a .60 cent per pound/per article for Flat/Fixed Rate moves. There is no additional charge for this insurance policy as it comes standard.
  • If you are planning to move high-value items (antiques, expensive furniture, or art) please note that the standard insurance policy does not provide for a substantial payout. It is best to contact your homeowner’s insurance policy or a third-party insurance provider.
  • In the rare case that something does get damaged we will work with you to fix the situation. Whether it be to send a repair professional or come to an out of pocket reimbursement. Keep in mind that we are not obligated by law to do this, but we do it anyway out of the consideration for our customers. The best way to avoid these situations is to plan ahead and plan to protect your items of value.

We do not charge you for gasoline for our vehicles. We do however charge for Toll expenses. If you would like us to avoid Toll Roads you can ask us in advance. If there is no way of avoiding Toll Roads, then we will forward this expense to you.

If you need to cancel your move for any reason, please let us know 1 day in advance. At that point we can provide you with a full refund for your deposit. If something does not work out during the day of the move there is a $100 fee for a cancellation.


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