We do both. The majority is done via a flat rate. The price is based on your inventory and the situation at the pickup and drop of locations. If you would rather be charged by the hour, let us know and we will be happy to help.
No the price will stay the same for Flat/Fixed Rate as long as the information that you have provided us with in regards to the inventory and the situation at both pickup and drop of locations stays the same. If you need to change anything try to do so before hand. If the moving day comes and there are drastic changes to your situation, then the price will be adjusted accordingly.
The gas is included in the price of the quote. The tolls are not. We will travel the shortest and most direct route from one location to the other unless asked to not do so by the customer. If the shortest route does have a toll charge on it then we will forward that charge to the customer.
Unfortunately, we do not have a storage facility. But we will gladly move you in and out of any facility that you choose.
We do not charge for simple assembly and disassembly. Examples of simple assembly are A/C units coming out of the window, folding and snap on bedframes, taking Televisions Sets of the brackets on the wall and taking doors off hinges. For more complicated ones we do charge an extra fee. Examples of more complicated ones are bunk beds, complex TV consoles, baby cribs and appliance disassembly.
Yes. All furniture must be emptied out. When the furniture is full of your contents, even if it is clothes, it becomes much heavier. As we tilt or pick up furniture that is full of things it can break the drawers, shelves and other components inside the furniture.


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